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Yellow Flowers

Success Stories

Testimonials from Olga's List clients who have resettled in Massachusetts and are building lives and communities here.


Alla S. 

We arrived to the states from Odessa, Ukraine, in early 2023 as a family of three with a 9 year old daughter, and another baby still in my belly.

Initially, we stayed with the relatives. Finally, in June we were able to rent an apartment. It seemed that this is everything we could dream of - we finally had our own space and a private bath which is hardly a luxury when you are 7 months pregnant. 


But we had absolutely nothing to fit the apartment with and no money to buy anything. My husband’s wages had barely covered the rent and utilities, and the benefits money were just enough for food. 


We needed pretty much everything - cups, spoons, pots, a kettle and knives, furniture, bedding ... yes, everything.


And then, in the most magical way, we found Olga’s List. At that time, my husband and I were sleeping on an inflatable bed. When the kind fairies from Olga’s List heard about it, they brought us a real bed with a mattress the next day. I am still amazed how quickly our wishes came true! 


What we also dreamed about was a car. Without a car my husband’s job options were quite limited. We hoped that a car would allow him to greatly expand geographic boundaries landing a better job. And voila - again, the fairies from Olga's List have helped - they found a suitable car, took us to check it out, helped us to settle the deal, helped with registration process, supported us financially.

The baby due day was rapidly approaching, and we were growing more and more anxious about how we could afford everything a newborn needs - tons of baby supplies and clothing, a stroller, a crib and much more. And here, too, without further ado, as if by magic, everything was brought to us by the angels from Olga’s List.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Olga Futer and the entire team of fairies from Olga’s List for everything they’ve done!!! You are incredible. May all the good that you do return to you 100 times. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Iryna K.

Only a truly caring, warm and altruistic person can become a volunteer. I want to express my huge gratitude to the volunteers of Olga's List!!

Not only they met us at the airport, they kindly offered us to stay at their house until we moved to our own apartment.  They helped us apply for necessary documents, drove us to places. They also gave my children an opportunity to have a little vacation by the lake.


Someone was constantly calling me, bringing me food or necessary things, helping with the paperwork, taking me to stores and providing many many other kinds of help! They found furniture, dishes, and other household items for us and organized their delivery to our apartment! 


Thank you, my dear ones, for your support - moral, material, informational!!! Perhaps I can only partially understand the complicated work that goes into your daily efforts. 


Thank you for your big hearts! You make this world a better place helping to counter the great evil that has come upon our Country! May your kindness return to you a hundredfold!

Poliakova I.

I am very grateful to [Olga’s List] for your desire to help us and find sponsors for my girls to attend camp. The girls returned home happy and satisfied. They told stories about how great a time they had at camp, where they learned a lot of new things and found new friends. For me, this made me very happy to hear because far from home and without friends, life in a new country is very difficult for them. I thank you and hug you! 


Snizhana Y.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Olga’s List for their charitable help and support they provided to me and my son. Thanks to Olga’s List, we got a free laptop, free bikes and everything we needed to use them safely. Ability to ride a bike to places immediately made our life much easier.

A volunteer from Olga’s List became an adviser and guide to the new world for me and my son. Her moral support during difficult times for us was invaluable. When I got sick, she was taking care of me like a mother, she was calling and checking on me several times a day. Much can be said about this volunteer kind heart. People like her make the world a better place.

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