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For Immediate Release

Olga's List Awarded $780,000 Federal Grant to Aid Refugees from Ukraine

Arlington, Massachusetts


Olga's List, a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Massachusetts, proudly announces the receipt of a significant three-year, $780,000 federal grant aimed at supporting refugees from Ukraine in Massachusetts. This grant was received through competitive funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant #90RE0334. The project is financed 100 percent with federal funds. This grant marks a crucial step forward for Olga's List in providing essential assistance to Ukrainian refugees displaced by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a unique and vital role, Olga's List addresses the immediate needs of recently arrived refugees during their vulnerable initial weeks in Massachusetts. The organization steps in to ensure that refugees have access to vital resources such as food, housing, and provides referrals to other state and community-based agencies.

What sets Olga's List apart is its team of dedicated individuals—former refugees themselves—who understand the challenges faced by newcomers. With a lived experience and linguistic expertise in Ukrainian and Russian languages, the staff plays a pivotal role in assisting refugees who may find themselves disoriented in the unfamiliar landscape of U.S. government services and culture.

Olga's List emphasizes its commitment to honesty and transparency in addressing the needs of refugees. The organization's mission is rooted in providing genuine assistance and connecting refugees effectively with the broader community.

To learn more about Olga's List and to further support its mission, please visit Olga's List website.

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