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Olga's List aims to meet the urgent, short-term needs of Ukrainian refugees, as well as their longer-term need to promote the success of their integration and acclimatization in their new homes. Through the lived experience of our fully volunteer team and leadership, we have gained valuable insights into the housing market, job market dynamics, and available resources in Massachusetts. This knowledge equips us to offer practical advice and assistance to refugees in finding affordable housing options, navigating the competitive job market, and accessing crucial services such as healthcare, education, and language support throughout the provision of our services. Click on an option below to learn more about the services we provide.


If you are a refugee or someone aiding a refugee, click below to apply for help from Olga's List.


Housing Assistance

Resettling in Massachusetts presents a unique set of challenges for individuals and families seeking to rebuild their lives. One of the most significant hurdles is the exorbitant cost of housing in the state. Massachusetts consistently ranks among the highest in terms of housing expenses, making it exceptionally difficult for refugees and immigrants to secure affordable and suitable accommodations. The scarcity of affordable housing options, coupled with high rental and property prices, can lead to housing instability and the risk of homelessness.


To support refugees with their housing needs, we provide guidance and support to help refugees find safe and affordable housing options. Specifically, we:


  • Connect refugees with rental resources

  • Assist with housing applications

  • Provide information on tenant rights and responsibilities

  • Connect refugees with host families

  • Refer refugees to partner agencies for cash assistance for housing 



We are dedicated to facilitating access to educational opportunities for Ukrainian refugees that address the need for English language acquisition and we recognize the significance of language proficiency in supporting successful integration and improving employment prospects.


We offer the following classes:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes offered online at three levels: entry level, intermediate, and conversational English

  • Financial and economic empowerment workshops

  • Other workshops on civic engagement, employment preparation, sexual harassment, child abuse


Healthcare Information and Enrollment Services

We work to ensure that Ukrainian refugees can access essential medical care by providing information and referrals to health services and resources. We understand the importance of language accessibility in healthcare, and therefore we prioritize connecting our clients with bi-lingual medical providers in our community.


Our Healthcare services include:


  • Assisting with Health Insurance Enrollment

  • Connecting clients with a Primary Care Physician (PCP)

  • Raising awareness and fostering Preventative Care measures, such as regular medical screenings

  • Providing information and referrals to healthcare services and resources


Emotional Support and Community-Building

Many of our clients have endured profound trauma due to military activities, which have resulted in the destruction of their homes, schools, daycare centers for their children, and medical facilities. Many of our clients have lost family members and friends, and are in need of emotional support.


To promote emotional and behavioral wellbeing, we offer the following services:


  • Organize community adjustment and support groups

  • Refer clients to mental health service providers

  • Facilitate wellness activities and social gatherings that help build a refugee community, as well as connect Ukrainian families to local, host communities


Employment Training and Support

We understand that securing employment is a vital step towards self-sufficiency and successful integration and we aim to empower Ukrainian refugees with the tools and resources they need to navigate the job market, enhance their employability, and achieve their career goals in the United States. We offer Ukrainian refugees several distinct options to enhance their employment prospects and succeed in the job market, including:


  • Referral system to MassHire

  • Resume Writing courses

  • Interviewing Techniques course that includes role plays and mock interviews

  • Referrals to Senior Community Service Employment Programs (SCSEP) for low-income adults over age 55



To support refugees with transportation needs, we provide the following:


  • Advise on transportation options, including public transportation 

  • Driver's license application support

  • Exploring ride share options, cycling, and other alternatives


Pet Care

Many refugees arrive with their cherished pets and are often surprised by the expenses related to veterinary care and the general upkeep of owning a pet. We help refugees by:


  • Providing guidance on accessing affordable veterinary care, pet supplies, and resources

  • Connecting refugees to a free pet food program at the Boston MSPCA


Home Furnishing

In addition to helping refugees obtain housing, we support them in furnishing their homes with necessary items – from beds and dressers to cribs, kitchen tables, linens, clothing, cutlery, and toys. Our team of volunteers manages the process that includes:


  • Reaching out to local communities for needed items

  • Picking up donated items

  • Delivering furniture to refugees' homes across the Boston area

If you wish to help by volunteering, donating money or supplies, or offering housing, please click below:

Pet Care
Home Furnishings
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