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We help Ukrainian refugees transition to their new lives


From their earliest days until they are resettled and integrated


Olga's List helps refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine. We provide services, supplies and advice from the time refugees arrive in Massachusetts until they are acclimated to their new homes in America.


We are staffed primarily by volunteers, many of whom are refugees themselves.


We are funded by a grant from the the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR); and by private donations.

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Refugees arrive with little money, goods, connections or plan of action.


  • Treat urgent issues

  • Build trust


We shorten the timeline by accelerating learning and capabilities.


  • Build confidence

  • Become self-sustainable

  • Enable acceptance into new community


We are building a Ukrainian-American “village”.

  • Combines virtual and physical aspects. 

  • Supports future resettlement efforts

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Who we are

90% volunteer workforce
Staff: 80% refugees, mostly Ukrainian
Board of directors: 100% refugees


Help us

We are seeking monetary and material donations as well as volunteers in Massachusetts's and beyond. 

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